Magnetic Imaging Centre

No.1 Old Peak Road, Canossa Hospital, Hong Kong.

W e provide magnetic resonance imaging with the state of the art Philips 1.5 T Gyroscan intera MR scanner. It is the latest high field MR system from Philips.

Magnetic resonance imaging is an exciting development in medical diagnostic imaging. It allows doctors to see detailed images inside the body without radiation. It can be applied to any part of the body safely and comfortably.

Magnetic resonance imaging uses magnetic field and radio-waves to generate images. When our body is placed within a strong magnetic field, some of our atoms will align with the magnetic field. These atoms will then be deflected with the help of radio-waves switching on and off and this will produce signals that can be picked up by the receiver coils. With the help of computers, these signals are changed into images for diagnosis.

We provide the following MR diagnostic investigations :

1. Brain
2. Dedicated stroke studies
3. Diffusion & perfusion imaging
4. Functional neural imaging
5. MR spectroscopy
6. MR angiogram
7. Spine
8. Musculoskeletal
9. Body imaging including MR cholangiogram
10. Cardiac and coronary arteries imaging

Address: Canossa Hospital, No.1 Old Peak Road, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2810 9328
Fax: (852) 2869 0708